Communication Program

The Communication Program offers the Communication major, two minors (Communication and Organizational Communication) and a master's in Communication Management.  The programs of study explore how people constitute and share meaning in an abstract world. Current curricular offerings probe communication events as media-bound occurrences, studying the verbal and nonverbal, oral or written, live or mass media nature of communication phenomena.  A recent poll of major U.S. employers, conducted by the American Association of Colleges and Universities, stressed the importance of communication studies.  The top three "areas in which employers feel that colleges most need to increase their focus include (1) written and oral communication, (2) critical thinking and analytical reasoning, (3) the application of knowledge and skills in real-world settings."  Understanding the theory of communication and being able to put that theory into practice increasingly are seen not just as assets but also as "differentiators" in a person's ability to succeed at work and to feel satisfied at home.  

Clay Warran

Dr. Clay Warren
Director of the Communication Program
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