Organizational Sciences Program

The Organizational Sciences program operates within a human-centered philosophy of organizations and offers an undergraduate major and minor and a master's.  Its interdisciplinary curriculum draws on social science disciplines such as anthropology, communication, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.  Organizational Sciences ties managerial and executive success to the integration of knowledge in three key areas: strategy & change management, communication and leadership, and performance and talent development.  Each of these knowledge components are interlocking dimensions that, when fused, create a knowledge base critical for individual and organizational success.

The program’s fundamental premise is that organizational effectiveness requires an understanding of human behavior in organizations within the context of multiple overlapping systems (teams, divisions, organizations, nation states, and the global environment).  The program has a multi-sector orientation, offering a curriculum adaptable to the unique characteristics of business, government, and non-profit sectors within both the domestic and global spheres.  The primary aim of the program is to cultivate students’ intellectual capacity to integrate and synthesize knowledge of organizations so as to lead and manage effectively in their particular settings within different types of jobs and hierarchical levels.  The major prepares students to analyze and solve problems by synthesizing information, rethinking work processes, enhancing collaboration, shaping the organizational culture, integrating the interests of stakeholders, and steering the organization toward success.

Dr. Nils Olsen
Director of the Organizational Sciences Program
The George Washington University
600 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052
[email protected]