Welcome to the Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication

OSC Faculty

The Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication is part of the GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. The program draws from a broad range of resources within the university including organizational management, psychology, communication, economics, and statistics.

Organizational Sciences, founded in 1981,  ties managerial and executive success to the integration of knowledge in three key areas: Strategy & Change Management, Leadership & Communication, and Performance & Talent Management. Our program is based on the premise that for individuals and organizations to succeed - whether they are in the for-profit, not-for-profit, government, military, service, or manufacturing sectors - they must be ready to think and act in the most effective ways possible.

The Communication Program has a history as old as the university itself, with academic work in rhetoric dating back to the original charter in 1821. Current curricular offerings explore communication phenomena such as how human beings constitute meaning in an abstract world, how this meaning creates alternatives, how to decide on a meaningful course of action among alternatives, how to live with the choices we make, and how we share these choices with others. This human symbolic activity is investigated in different contexts: Thus, students study communication events as they transpire intrapersonally, dyadically, in small groups, in organizations, across cultures, and in public settings.