BA in Communication


A student speaks in Professor Pariera's class.


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication provides a rigorous introduction to the study of communication from both the social scientific and humanistic perspectives. Courses examine the theory behind interactions and relationships in many contexts, and some professors also incorporate networking opportunities with professionals in the field.

Communication is a critical factor in any individual’s or organization’s success. As a field of study, students explore the theories behind and approaches to effective communication. It is distinct from communications programs in other departments, which generally cover the methods and strategies behind implementing communication campaigns.

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Rachael Paul

Rachael Paul

BA '17, Communication

"I loved the wide variety of courses available to explore. I learned about everything from high-profile marketing campaigns and sociology of families to crisis management and theories of online communications."


Apply to the Major

Students are accepted as communication majors through a selective application process that commences only after the student is admitted to the University. Students must reside in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences in order to apply for a Communication major. Applications are not accepted from students with more than 75 credit hours. Students may apply no more than twice to the major. Expectations for admission include a GPA of 3.0 and completion of, or current enrollment in, one of three courses: COMM 10251040 or 1041. Because the acceptance process is selective, achievement of the minimum GPA does not guarantee admission to the major. Students are encouraged to have a GW GPA before applying, but it is NOT required.

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Communication Application


FALL 2021 SUBMISSON DEADLINE: FRIDAY, February 25, 2022.
Please submit your application form and required attachments by 5:00pm.
Late applications will not be accepted.


Spotlight on the Communication Classroom

Shanee Goss Cohen presents on her work at KWT Global in front of Clay Warren's "Persuasion" course students.

Persuasion Course Offers Insight to Communications Careers

Persuasion, a course that includes bringing alumni back to the classroom to offer students an inside track on careers in communication, has led to multiple job offers for several students. 

Course Requirements

All communication majors are required to take Public Communication (COMM 1040), which fulfills the oral communication G-PAC requirement. Students in the course are eligible to compete for prizes in the department’s annual Oral Advocacy Showcase and Competition.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

Program-specific curriculum:

Required (21 credits)
COMM 1025Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 1040Public Communication
COMM 1041Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2100Communication Theory
COMM 3110Research Methods in Communication
COMM 4150Persuasion
COMM 4199WSenior Seminar
Electives (18 credits)
Six additional Communication (COMM) courses at the 2000 level or above.
Courses in related areas (15 credits)
15 credits in upper-division courses in one other department, program, or field of study, as approved by the major advisor. This requirement may be fulfilled by completion of a second major, a minor, or a field of study other than oganizational communication.