Special Honors in OS


A student taking notes.


In addition to the general requirements stated under University Regulations, in order to be considered for graduation with Special Honors, students must: have a grade-point average of 3.5 in courses required for the major; earn a grade of at least A- in either a graduate-level seminar taken with the permission of the department or in an independent study project in ORSC 4195 Independent Study; earn a grade of at least A- in ORSC 4197W Senior Research Seminar.


Honors Program Timeline

  • Students will be advised when declaring the major what the requirements are for receiving Honors. An application is no longer necessary.
  • During the first two weeks of every semester, the Honors Coordinator will send out an email to the OS Majors list, outlining the requirements for earning Honors.
  • For Honors, students may elect to complete a required graduate-level seminar, with departmental permission. Prior to the beginning of the seminar, students should meet with their departmental advisor to choose a course and initiate the approval process with faculty. Note: Some graduate classes may take place at GW’s campus in Ballston, Virginia, which may affect the student’s financial aid or tuition options.