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Student Wins Oral Advocacy Award With Speech On Organ Donation

Communication Student Wins Top Paper At Conference

Dr. Clay Warren presents 2016 Psychiatry Grand Rounds Talk at Eastern Virginia Medical School on “Measuring sex communication in a family”

Four Communication Majors Accepted to Undergraduate Honors Conference

Dr. Tara Behrend discusses InformationPrivacy with

Professor Costanza interviewed by for a story on generational differences research and implications

Senior Brian Bruzzo Takes Top Spot in GW Oral Advocacy Competition

Rachel Basoco and Katherine Yee earn Top Honors at GW Research Days 2016

Professional Persuaders Return to Prof. Clay Warren's Persuasion Class

Professor Costanza gives invited address titled "Millennial myths and generational differences at work: Fact or fiction?" at the 2016 MITX Training & Career Development Summit. Cambridge, MA.  (February 2016)

Louis Fischer wins GW Oral Advocacy Award

Communication major and 2015 GW graduate, Alexa Dectis, is featured in an 8/26/15 GW Today article

GW’s Lauren Shiplett named one of seven 2015 Frank Karel Fellows in the United States

Erica Halvorson Takes Top Honor in Public Speaking Competition

Max Deem & Lauren Winters - Present (and Place) at GW Research Days 2015

Master's Cohort Attends PEAK Leadership Summit

Dr. Clay Warren wins 2014 Faculty GEM Award, becomes a 6-time GW Honoree

Kate Delis Takes Top Honor in GW Speaking Competition

COMM 1040 Oral Advocacy Showcase and Competition

GW Today features OSC's Denmark Study Tour Course

GW to Educate Naval Academy Leaders

Alexander Pollock wins GW Oral Advocacy Award

Organizational Sciences Undergraduates Participate in GWU Research Day

Silver-tongued undergraduates to compete on April 30

Clay Warren presents lecture at GSEHD’s Distinguished Guest series

Nine Communication Majors Hit Homeruns at 2014 Honors Conference

Dr. Tara Behrend co-leads a research study focused on how to best prepare the next generation to enter the workforce by cultivating STEM-focused education 

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Dr. Tara Behrend discusses Information Privacy with

January 16, 2017

The collection of private data is neither social good nor social ill.

Professor Costanza interviewed by for a story on generational differences research and implications

October 20, 2016

A new meta-analysis shows that Boomers and Millennials have the same work ethic.

Dr. David Costanza gives insight on the psychological impact of furloughs

December 13, 2013

SIOP Engages with Congressional Policy Makers As part of SIOP’s ongoing advocacy work with consulting firm Lewis-Burke, the Society hosted tw

David Costanza interviewed for YahooFinance about Sergey Brin’s relationship with a subordinate at Google

August 29, 2013

Google (GOOG) co-founder Sergey Brin’s alleged affair with a Google employee is raising questions about potential conflicts of interest, damage to morale and the company’s relationship-conduct ru

Dean’s Scholars in Globalization Program Takes Students to Asia

June 17, 2013

As an associate professor of psychology and organizational sciences, David Costanza specializes in teaching students how org

Alumni volunteer: Pursue your own path

January 15, 2013

“GW offers an experience most students don’t have,” says Aaron Kwittken, CCAS BA ’92.