Organizational Sciences MA

The Organizational Sciences (OS) Graduate Program is designed to push the boundaries of Systems thinking. Our mission is to deliver an integrated, individual-centered curriculum designed to deepen one's understanding of how individuals, groups, and organizations can excel within a global environment.

This mission is accomplished by focusing on three overlapping knowledge areas: strategy & change, leadership & communication, and performance & talent management. An interdisciplinary faculty, with a foundation in systems thinking, drives the OS Graduate Program. The OS Program offers students an opportunity to complete the 12-course curriculum within two years.

Students within the OS Master’s program emerge with a multidimensional systems perspective, geared towards:

  • Integrating solutions
  • Synthesizing information
  • Resolving conflict
  • Sculpting organizations
  • Driving performance
  • Redesigning work processes
  • Enhancing collaboration
  • Leading and innovating
  • Accommodating stakeholders
  • Transforming culture

The Organizational Sciences Master's Program is an Open Enrollment Master's Program at the Arlington Graduate Education Center


12 graduate courses (36 credit hours) are required for completion of the graduate program in Organizational Sciences. Students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of B. Students must pass a comprehensive examination.

Non-Degree Policy on Admissions and Course-Credit Transfer

Students may register for up to two Foundation courses as a non-degree student prior to admission. Formal admission to a degree program is required prior to taking a third course and prior to taking any courses other than Foundation courses. Important note: Only GWU Organizational Sciences Foundation courses can be transferred from GWU non-degree to GWU degree status. Transfer requests related to courses taken outside of GWU will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they may be accepted into the program for course credit (courses for which a degree has already been granted cannot be submitted for transfer credit).

Foundation Courses

ORSC 6209 Management Systems
ECON 6219 Managerial Economics
PSYC 8245 Organizational Behavior
STAT 6104 Statistics

Required Courses

ORSC 6216 Theories & Management of Planned Change
ORSC 6241 Strategic Management & Policy Formulation
ORSC 6242 Org. Communication and Conflict Management
ORSC 6243 Seminar: Leadership in Complex Organizations
PSYC 8259 Psychology of Individual & Group Decision Making

Elective Courses

(Please note: only a select number of the following electives will be offered within any given semester)

ORSC 6201 Principles of Management Information Systems
ORSC 6212 Current Issues in Personnel Testing & Selection
ORSC 6214 Personnel Training & Performance Appraisal
ORSC 6215 Current Issues in Organizational Design
ORSC 6217 Productivity and Human Performance
ORSC 6220 Organizational Decision Making
ORSC 6222 Theory & Practice of Compensation Management
ORSC 6223 Collective Bargaining
ORSC 6224 Persuasion and Negotiation
ORSC 6240 Corporate Responsibility
ORSC 6246 Comparative Management
ORSC 6248 Strategic Human Resources Planning
ORSC 6249 Human Resources Information Systems
ORSC 6250 Leadership Coaching: Principles & Practices
ORSC 6251 Team Coaching & Facilitation
ORSC 6252 Practicum in Leadership Coaching
ORSC 6295 Directed Research
ORSC 6297 Special Topics
ORSC 6298 Directed Reading






Dr. Traci Suiter
Organiaztional Sciences Graduate Advisor
The George Washington University
600 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052