Tiffany Bisbey

Tiffany Bisbey

Tiffany Bisbey

Assistant Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology



Room 104, 600 21st Street, NW Washington DC 20052



  • Team performance and collaboration
  • Training and development
  • Workplace resilience
  • Organizational safety

Dr. Bisbey’s research focuses broadly on the social phenomena that support organizational effectiveness. Her work examines the factors that facilitate and hinder collaboration so that teams remain flexible and able to adapt to changing situations. She also studies how employees and leaders develop the skills necessary for team resilience and effectiveness. This work involves the design and implementation of training and development systems that meet the demands of the hybrid 21st century workplace to ensure stakeholders get the most out of their investments.

Dr. Bisbey also examines the role of teamwork in driving organizational safety. Her research has involved quality improvement in healthcare, team training for combat medics, collaboration in long-duration space exploration, and a variety of other safety-critical contexts. She is currently investigating the influence of leader receptivity to team member voice on safety outcomes, identity formation, and well-being.

As a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Bisbey’s research also informs her work as a consultant to industry partners in healthcare, education, entrepreneurial start-ups, technology, law enforcement, the military, and more. She conducts a great deal of translational research toward these efforts to produce practical, evidence-based guidelines for collaboration and alignment across organizations.

ORSC 2544 – Industrial/Organizational Psychology

ORSC 2560 – Group Dynamics

ORSC 6212 – Current Issues in Personnel Testing and Selection

ORSC 6214 – Personnel Training and Performance Appraisal Systems

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Ph.D., Rice University

B. S., University of Central Florida